April 8, 2016

Why Lamar Trailers, Inc. Doesn’t Sell Directly to The Public

why doesn't Lamar sell trailers to the public

Have you ever wondered why you can’t just call a Lamar Trailers salesman on the phone and order your trailer straight from the factory? We get asked this all the time, and if you’re like the many potential customers who have contacted us wanting to buy direct, you probably wonder why.

Invariably, this desire to buy a trailer straight from the factory stems from the idea that it’ll be cheaper. At first, cutting out the middleman dealer seems like this would reduce costs… but this isn’t the case at all.

Why is this?

Business Costs Still Exist

Think about it… if we sold trailers direct to the public, we would have all the same overhead and operating costs as a dealership. It’s not as easy as simply “coming by and picking up your trailer”. To do mass individual sales, we would need:

If a factory store (or pickup option) is telling you they have “factory direct pricing”, you probably aren’t getting the whole story. Remember, they still have the overhead associated with running a business, and these costs will almost definitely get passed along.

Trailer Delivery Costs

When trailers are shipped to dealers, they are done in large truckloads of 10+ trailers, depending on the trailer size. This spreads the freight costs over many individual units, as opposed to a single, “hand-delivered” trailer straight to you from the factory.

And the cost to drive hundreds (if not thousands) of miles to our plant just to pick up a trailer yourself is going to be far more expensive than buying locally from a dealer.

Benefits to Buying Locally

Local dealerships are the only way for you to be able to physically see trailers that you’re thinking about purchasing. Giving what would essentially be factory tours to potential customers would be a logistical nightmare for a trailer plant, which would drive costs up even more.

It’s hard to measure the impact seen when supporting local businesses like trailer dealers, but the fact remains that buying locally improves the same community you live in.

And remember: These dealers stock their lots based on what customers demand. All too often, factory stores are simply a place to put excess inventory in a holding pattern until it can be sold. Local dealers can’t afford to have inventory that doesn’t meet the needs of customers in their area, so the product selection is likely quite good.

This dedication to the customer often shows through in other areas of service as well. The owner has roots in your city; a corporate executive likely doesn’t. This makes a difference in your buying experience!

Better Warranty Service

Since your local dealer is… well, local, warranty issues can be resolved much faster than sending the trailer back to the factory.

Ease of support with a purchase as large as a trailer should be a very real consideration, and a relationship with a local dealer is the best way to get the best help possible when you need it.

But How do I Find a Dealer?

We make it super easy to find a Lamar Trailers dealer that’s local to you. Simply input your zip code here on our website, and you’ll immediately be directed to the closest location.

These independent Lamar Trailer dealers can guide you through the process to finding the trailer that meets your unique needs. You’ll also likely get the best price possible in a competitive market!