Tilt Deck Trailers

Lamar tilt deck trailers offer performance at a competitive price, without sacrificing durability or quality. These versatile trailers include a variety of standard features and special options to fulfill any possible need.

We construct Lamar tilt deck trailers with some of the finest components available. From RAM couplers and jacks to LED lights with a lifetime warranty, we don't cut any corners. And each trailer comes with a three year frame warranty and one year component/paint warranty, right from the factory.

An extreme-duty powder coat from IFS coatings is applied to each trailer, with a specialized formula to fight gravel and the salt of winter roads. From the ground up, Lamar utility trailers are built to last.

Lamar Tilt Trailers give you an easy way to load and haul wheeled and tracked vehicles or machinery. Available in both hydraulic and manual decks, there’s an option to meet every need. View the available models we manufacture, then check out the list of standard features we include and contact your dealer today!