Powder coat

IFS Super Durable Powder Coated Trailers

Each and every Lamar Trailer has a high-quality IFS Super Durable powder coat finish applied prior to leaving the factory. Read below about the process we use to apply this incredibly tough powder paint, then view the different color options we have available.

We chose to use the IFS Super Durable Polyester powder coat product from IFS to finish Lamar Trailers. We chose this product for a variety of reasons.

Thanks to this advanced powder coated finish, Lamar Trailers offer excellent finish durability and high chemical resistance. This same coating also provides fantastic impact resistance, since the coating is slightly flexible. It also features excellent abrasion resistance, which is important in the world trailers live in.

Super Durable Polyester is designed to provide additional exterior weathering properties, especially when road salt and humidity are in play. These coatings meet the stringent AAMA 2604 specifications for durability and longevity.

Powder Coat Application Process

Like any painted product, the prep-work is key. After our trailers leave the welding line, they are hooked to an assembly-style track. This is the first step in their journey to the finishing department.

Once hooked to the I-beam track, the first stop is the sandblasting booth. These chambers contains the blasting material during the process, and are large enough to handle multiple trailers at once. Thoroughly sandblasting all surfaces is key to achieving an attractive, quality finish that lasts.

sandblasted trailer

After leaving the sandblasting booth, trailers are taken to the powder coating station. This is where the IFS Super Durable Polyester is applied via a powder spray gun. These stations are extremely environmentally friendly, as the paint over spray can be collected, processed and reused.

Powder Booth

When the trailer meets our quality control standards for coverage, it heads to the oven for curing. When the cure time is up, the trailer rolls out and is ready for wiring, axles, decals, and all the small parts needed to make your trailer work perfectly.