September 20, 2017

How are Lamar Utility Trailers Made? A Step-By-Step Guide

how are utility trailers made


Have you ever asked yourself “How are utility trailers made?” It all starts here, at step one: receiving. Building a Lamar Trailer begins when raw materials are shipped in from all over the country and unloaded by our forklift operators. Steel from central Texas. Treated southern yellow pine floors from Arkansas. Mountains of wheels and tires. It’s all handled by these guys.

Keeping thousands of components and raw materials flowing smoothly into our plant is a huge contributor towards our success. We choose our vendors carefully, and partner with suppliers that can handle our demand to keep your trailer moving on the line. From the very first step of the manufacturing process.


how trailers work


Our shop guys are talented. But before they can turn raw steel into trailers, it needs to be processed into parts and pieces. Everything from trailer frame stock to spare tire mounts is crafted right here, with an eye for detail.

As often as possible, parts and subassemblies are pre-fabricated. Dropping an entire dump trailer side in place saves assembly line time. And that helps your bottom line.

Once components and parts have been manufactured, they’re stocked carefully via a high-tech bar coding system. Tracking inventory is of vital importance, and it’s a process we always seek to improve. And that helps get your trailer hitched to your truck faster.


how to make utility trailer


Where art meets function. Each of our trailer welders draws on years of experience in the shop to join steel beams into the products that allow you to carry the load. From the largest flatdecks to the smallest utility trailers, this is where the stable foundations of each product we make are laid.

Our welders hone their skills on subassemblies like ramps and gates. These parts are easy to check quality on and swap out if needed. When you weld at Lamar Trailers, you must earn your place on the main manufacturing lines.

Welding is an well-established art form. We blend it with modern manufacturing processes to optimize efficiency and excellence.

how are trailers made


Steel, rubber and a powder coat make it a trailer. Quality and consistency make it a Lamar. Every trailer we make passes through rigorous quality control stations. We scrutinize every corner to ensure a quality performance and appearance. This close examination is a key part of how we deliver our team’s best work.

After sandblasting and powder coating, we check everything out one more time. Units that aren’t quite up to standard are sent back to be repaired or rewelded, all with the goal of delivering a flawless product to your dealer.

Multiple QC checks are a painstaking process, but one that we take a lot of pride in. Because we like it when our warranty guy has nothing to do all week.

sandblasted trailer


Perfect looking trailers: It’s all in the prep work. Every Lamar trailer passes through our sandblasting booth, for a flawless finish. This process completely removes grease, grime and dirt prior to the powder coating process. Powder sticks best to a pristine frame. So, we make them as clean as possible.

Our modern blasting chambers allow us to collect and reuse blasting media, all while providing maximum operator safety. We can put even our largest trailers in a sealed environment, for the entire process, without removing them from the assembly line.

Multiple sandblasting locations give us the production capabilities to grow with our nationwide dealer network. Which means you get your trailers sooner, and your jobs finished faster.

utility trailers how to make


A finish as tough as you are. Post-sandblast, trailers head straight to powder coating. We use a unique product from IFS Coatings for our trailer finishing: The Super Durable Polyester Powder Coat.

Engineered precisely for applications like hard-use trailers, the Super Durable Polyester Powder Coat offers superior resistance to abrasion and high-impact environments. It’s much thicker than competitor’s powder coatings, and is slightly flexible.

This powder coating product is well-suited to the rough conditions that high summer heat and icy salted winter roads can throw at a trailer. Bottom line: IFS Coatings are second to none when it comes to trailers. Available in a variety of colors to complement your tow vehicles and other machinery.

utility trailer how are they made


You can’t go anywhere without a set of wheels. Each Lamar trailer receives one or more axles from Dexter axles, a name synonymous with quality and reliability. It’s the only axle brand good enough for a Lamar trailer.

Choose from either traditional spring axles or rubber torsion axles, depending on your application. With either option, rest assured that routine maintenance will be easy, thanks to the Dexter EZ Lube system. No disassembly. No mess. Completely waterproof.

Taskmaster and Provider radial tires also come standard on Lamar trailers. These brands have long been known as the gold standard for trailer tires. There’s only one clear choice.

how trailers are made


LED bullet lights with our lifetime warranty are carefully inserted into precision-cut holes. Wherever possible, wiring harnesses are shielded within conduit or the frame of the trailer itself. This important step keeps your lights up and running, which keeps you on the road and legal.

Individually certified and treated floor boards milled from smooth Southern Yellow Pine are also installed at this point. We also do special floors, like rough oak and Blackwood Lumber.

Decals are also applied at this stage. Bold LAMAR logos are applied on the tongue and rear surfaces of your trailer. We’re proud of the Lamar brand. And you can be as well.

utility trailer manufacturing


The final exam. Once your trailer rolls off the production line, we give it a final quality control once-over. Lights are checked for function and hydraulics systems are tested. Everything from paint to reflective tape is closely examined to ensure that you have the safest and most aesthetically pleasing trailer possible.

Tractor drivers stand ready to haul your finished product to the staging yard, where it waits for the dealer’s order to be completed.

utility trailers being made


We make them in Sumner, TX. You buy them all over North America. Once your dealer finishes their order, we move your trailer from our inventory to be prepared for stacking and shipment to the dealer.

As many trailers as possible get stacked on trucks and shipped out as fast as we can get drivers in. The stacking process itself is a quick-paced jigsaw puzzle of trailers, with a heavy dose of statistics and never-ending stream of wheels and tires mixed in. This is the last place we touch the process with our renowned attention to detail.

utility trailer dealer


We don’t sell direct to the customer for good reason. Trust us, it’s cheaper for you to buy from a dealer. These local business owners are the ones who work hard every day to get you the products and service you need, for your work and play. Your dealer is your trailer’s best friend.

If something gets damaged, they’re your contact point to get it fixed. Their expertise is instrumental in getting your gear repaired and back on the road. Very rarely, a trailer needs to come back to us at the factory. They manage that process as well. From parts to service to accessories, your local Lamar Trailers dealer has your back. And we’ve got theirs.