Frequently Asked Customer Questions

Where can I get a price quote?

You can configure and request a quote for your trailer on each product page. Simply select your size and options, enter your zipcode and contact information, and one of our local dealers will contact you with a real-world price as soon as possible. It doesn't get any easier!

Where are your trailers made?

Lamar Trailers are proudly made in Sumner, Texas.

Can I buy Lamar Trailers directly from the factory?

No, we sell only through a dealer network. Find a dealer here: Lamar Trailers dealer finder.

What kind of warranty do Lamar Trailers come with?

Lamar Trailers come with a three-year frame warranty and a one-year component warranty.

Are tires included in your warranty?

Warranty issues with tires are handled separately by our tire manufacture and distributors. Check the side of the tire to see who made your tires, and check the sticker on the front of your trailer for the manufacturer's contact information.

Can I become a Lamar Trailers dealer?

Yes! As long as you can meet your state laws for dealership licensing, and are approved through our on-boarding process. Fill out an application here.

I lost my trailer instruction manual. Now what?

View our trailer support page to download a new one.

What does GVWR mean?

GVWR stands for Gross Vehicle Weight Rating. This is the maximum weight of a fully loaded trailer, including your payload. For safety, never exceed our GVWR listings.

What about GAWR? What does that mean?

GAWR is simply your axle rating. It's the total weight capable of being carried by a single axle.

What's the difference between GVWR and Payload?

GVWR is the total capacity of the trailer, including the maximum payload and the weight of the trailer itself. Your payload is how much cargo weight the trailer can actually carry, which doesn't include the weight of the trailer. If you think about it, the axles have to carry the trailer too. Our trailers are made of steel, and some of the larger models can get really heavy. Payload is simply a more realistic number to think in when talking about how much weight your trailer can carry. But GVWR is important, too.

In general, how should I load my trailer?

Keeping your trailer load properly distributed is very important. Always load heavier towards the tongue. At least 60% of your payload must be forward of the trailer center, with lighter items positioned in the top and rear. Secure your load with proper tie downs via the stake pockets, D-rings or other means.

Where is the VIN sticker on my Lamar Trailer?

Your VIN sticker is usually located on the inside of your trailer tongue.